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About Us

SimJET Group is pleased to be part of an exciting growth industry with new concepts and ideas which are the outcome of ongoing customer focus and experience. Our instructors for example are currently working or have worked for major airlines such as Virgin, Skywest, Qantas, National Jet, Cathay Pacific, Brindabella, Jetstar and other oversea carriers. Also, SimJETs instructor have current or previous Military experience.

SimJET Group aims to provide high value training and simulator solutions by using experience and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software and hardware simulator architecture. The functionality of training is enhanced by using some of the best available visual display system technologies and associated software.  SimJET Group employ new training systems that are designed to provide the lowest operating costs of any simulator on the market, making your training affordable and relivant.



Nick KranenburgDirector and Founder
Nick Kranenburg

Nick Kranenburg designs and operates Pilot recruitment programs within Australia on behalf of Airlines and the Royal Australian Air Force. Nicholas brings 22 years of Aviation experience to the SimJET Group, providing pilot and human factors specialist knowledge, programs and simulator training.

A well rounded career in the Air Force and Airlines allows Nicholas to provide key visibility and enhancement to aviation training and the airline recruitment process.

Nicholas presented at the Asia Pacific World Airline Training Symposium, APATS in 2010 on low cost simulator training and recruitment.